The Thonglor Pub Experience

Bangkok City during the day is a beautiful sight, speckled with luxury cars, high-rises, extravagant shopping malls, and great foods of all kinds. If you have been keeping up with the weekly articles you would know that there are a great many things to do and explore, hidden away in each street of the city. That being said, Bangkok only truly comes alive when the sun has set and work hours are over. Bangkok is only what it is because of the world-famous nightlife that is such an attraction to tourists and locals alike, and while we are not discussing nightlife (just yet), the pubs and bars of the Sukhumvit area are one of the pillars of urban life in Bangkok. While most will have their local favorites, the recommendations found below are something to get started with that are sure to impress!



Location: Thonglor 15

This Japanese Izakaya place has been a long-stay in the area of Sukhumvit. In fact, there are as many as 7 branches along the Sukhumvit line that you are sure to have spotted in your daily endeavors. The branch in question, however, is the Thonglor 15 branch, located directly opposite of the J-Avenue lifestyle centre, a local favorite for fans of the Izakaya style of bar dining. The word Izakaya describes a style of after-hours or after-work dining with an emphasis on alcoholic drinks and Shakariki is a perfect example of such an experience. Shakariki serves classic Japanese bar foods such as pickled cucumber, katsu curry, chicken karaage, and sushi rolls to go with their all-you-can-drink beer buffet or selection of Japanese liquor sours. Furthermore, Shakariki comes equipped with all the facilities you could ever require to make the most of your night such as the Japanese staple karaoke rooms or indoor/smoking/dining area (segregated from the rest of the restaurant, not to worry for the non-smokers). The Easter Island stone heads of Shakariki are the perfect place to visit to blow off some steam after a long day at work! 


The Old English Pub

Location: The Maze Thonglor

Aside from the Japanese, another part of the world where after-hour beer houses and pubs are an essential part of life is the United Kingdom. Regulars are sure to be familiar with the U.K’s selection of alcoholic beverages such as Guinness, Newcastle brown ale, Old Speckled Hen, etc. Unfortunately, a number of these beverages can be hard to find in Bangkok to the dismay of many English expats. The Old English pub located next to the Tops supermarket near the Thonglor BTS hosts not just an amazing collection of English draft beers, but provides the authentic English pub experience to boot. So much so in fact, you will notice the Old English pub has become a favorite for expats in the area, where the start of the Premier leagues each year signifies the pub coming to life with football fans cheering for their favorite teams.

The Old English is not merely a pub; hosting a variety of dishes from Asian to traditional British pub foods, what is not to be missed however, is their signature Steak and Guinness pie, a fillet steak baked in stout butter pastry. All in all, the Old English provides the experience you’re expecting from a night out with friends at a pub: energetic, colourful, and full of life.


Photo credit: The Old English Pub Bangkok


The Beer Cap

Location: The Commons Thonglor

The Beer Cap located inside (as well as on top) of The Commons in Thonglor more than deserves a place in this article. A single bar with a selection of hard to find draft beers from all over the world from Laos to the Netherlands, American ciders to Belgian craft beers,  lovers of our favorite malt drink will almost certainly find exactly what they are looking for here. It also helps of course that the Beer Cap is located inside of The Commons complex, one of the premiere places to grab a bite in Bangkok to go along with your beverage. It cannot be overstated how seriously they take their selection of beers here; compiling the best beverages from a selection of beer dominant countries, the Beer Cap will take you on an international journey to find some overseas favorites all with their own distinct tastes and personalities. Beer lovers absolutely cannot miss the Beer Cap, so be sure to bring along some friends and try out some bites from the surrounding restaurants to go with your BrewDog IPA!


Photo credit: The Commons - The Beer Cap


It is with our great displeasure to conclude this list here as we’re sure you may suspect that the Sukhumvit area accommodates many other great pubs not in the Thonglor area (as well as few more within the area yet to mention) that are expat favorites. However, we made sure that the selection given here today cover a good range of pub experiences from around the globe so be sure to experiment in your next night out!